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Welcome to Happy Room!

In this lab will require put distinctive evaluations of devices and weapons. As a result of this, they may have made a few clones with which you can fill your framework, don’t stress over them, not feel nor endure.

Two or three white apparatuses, explosives, firearm, and a dark gap even. Consolidate them as could be expected under the circumstances!

This Cheerful Room is relating to Vapor, albeit Happy Room Online presents Ragdoll Accomplishment 2 it is a forerunner. We wish it is cherished by you and doesn’t be excessively savage. Mess around with Happy Room diversion.

Happy Room is a test amusement in which you should put a wide range of snares to bargain however much harm as could be expected to a doll. You can utilize traps from four accessible classifications. Accomplish more harm and achieve the edge to open new weapons. You likewise need to finish the difficulties to win more cash. Tap on the upper sidebar to see the difficulties. Be imaginative and attempt different combos on this disastrous doll!

Happy room gameplay

Happy Room is an amusement made by Mana Potion Studios, a little mainstream diversion studio. Mana Potion Studios is the continuation of Pegas Games. They’ve made numerous incredible Flash amusements like Wheely.

Happy Room is a great degree vicious sandbox diversion planned by Anton Velmozhniy and Eugen Ocheret’ko. It is customized by Konstantin Shelest with workmanship made by Dmitry Nikolaev.

happy room Game

In this amusement, your activity is to put numerous sorts of devices and weapons. They are kept in a room with the goal that it could make the most harm conceivable the test sham. The measure of harm from the snares and weapons will be tallied by the fake’s body parts like so :

Head: most extreme measure of harm it can take: 750
Chest: the most extreme measure of harm it can take: 1200
Arms: the most extreme measure of harm each arm can take: 1050
Legs: the most extreme measure of harm every leg can take: 1400

happy room for pc

When beginning up against the amusement, you’ll be given an instructional exercise and will have 3 traps opened toward the beginner. There is an aggregate of 11 kinds of snares and weapons alongside several different things.

Whatever point you cause a specific measure of harm to the sham, a particular device/weapon will be opened. Keep in mind that you can drop the sham the same number of times as you need however each time you drop it, the harm counter will reset and not make any sense.

One all the more intriguing element is that you are constantly given 3 goals to finish each time you drop the sham, and relying upon the target, you can either get green money(use to purchase traps/weapons) or purple money(use to update traps/weapons). After you opened everything, the diversion’s Sandbox mode will be opened too.

In this mode, you have each device/weapon available to you and you’re not limited to how much cash you have.


The most alluring thing about this diversion which is likewise what makes the trying for players is that each device/weapon will have its very own particular uses, positions, enactment range, and cost.

happy room download

You’ll need to attempt and influence the best blends of devices/weapons you to can think of keeping in mind the end goal to bargain the most measure of harm conceivable to the sham.

You can take a snare/weapon back or put it elsewhere on the off chance that you feel that the arrangement of it isn’t appropriate, and when you take a device/weapon back, you’re given back the cash that you use to purchase said trap/weapon.

In the event that you are into this sort of diversion, you can likewise play comparative recreations like Ragdoll Achievement, Mutilate A Doll 2…

The most effective method to Play Happy Room:

This diversion just uses the mouse to play, you simply tap on the snare/weapon that you need to put from the amusement screen and place it where you need it to be.

Tips and Tricks:

At the point when the sham doesn’t get any more harm, it quits moving.

Continuously have a device underneath the sham and attempt to put the greatest number of bouncers as you can to bob the sham up with the goal that it can keep getting harm from different devices/weapons.

The spurious will dependably move a specific way every time you drop it on the off chance that you leave the snares/weapons as they are with the goal that you can ascertain where to put the following device/weapon.

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