Need For Speed Best Games Series for the Game Lovers

It’s been noted that since the computer and its relevant technologies (devices) like XBOX, PlayStation, Nintendo and many others are there have been invented. Businesses have got different shapes.

Like people few years ago in 1980s always thought that they should start any physical business which can generate revenue for their generations. In 90s the system started transformation and this process was not temporary.

Games have different definitions. As for CrazyGames definition is different. “Yes! It is something which engages one for entertainment or distraction but it is something where the people are bound by specific rules, they have to follow to remain the part of game. There should be a winner.”

Need For Speed commonly known as NFS. It is the biggest Games Series ever launched by any company. This is the only game where the players of the whole globe can say that we are one nation. Apart of this game different issues are there.

Brining light on the theme of the Need for speed games. “Speed” word itself presents the purpose of the game. Whenever we talk about speed it means , Car, Bike, or any vehicle which is really fast. Likewise, Need For Speed Full Game Series deals with Cars Racing.

This is the only series liked by both sexes because it covers different aspects but it has been considered that boys are the most who loves Video Games. So, Game developers has already targeted the boys by including number of captivating things for male gender.

As we are talking about the series and this article will be incomplete until its versions are discussed. It is the biggest series in games with more than 27 versions and all of them have different updates and gameplays. Those are:

1. Need For Speed – NFS – Released – 1994
2. Need For Speed Special Edition – Released – 1996
3. Need for Speed II(2) – NFS II – Released – 1997
4. Need For Speed V-Rally – Released – 1997
5. Need For Speed III(3) – NFS: Hot Pursuits – Released – 1998
6. Need For Speed V- Rally 2 – Released – 1999
7. Need For Speed IV(4) – NFS: High Stakes/Road Challenge – Released – 1999
8. Need For Speed V(5) – NFS: Porsche Unleased/ Porsche 2000 – Released – 2000
9. Need For Speed Motor City Online – Released – 2001
10. Need For Speed VI(6) – NFS: Hot Pursuits 2 – Released – 2002
11. Need For Speed VII(7) – NFS: Underground – Released – 2003
12. Need For Speed VIII(8) – NFS: Underground 2 – Released – 2004
13. Need For Speed IX(9) – NFS: Most Wanted – Released – 2005 (My Favorite)
14. Need For Speed X(10) – NFS: Carbon – Released – 2006
15. Need For Speed XI(11) – NFS: Pro-Street – Released – 2007
16. Need For Speed XII(12) – NFS: Undercover – Released – 2008
17. Need For Speed XIII(13) – NFS: Shift – Released – 2009
18. Need For Speed XIV(14) – NFS: Nitro – Released – 2009
19. Need For Speed XV(15) – NFS: World – Released – 2010
20. Need For Speed XVI(16) – NFS: Hot Pursuit – Released – 2010
21. Need For Speed XVII(17) – NFS: Shift 2 Unleashed – Released – 2011
22. Need For Speed XVIII(18) – NFS: The Run – Released – 2011
23. Need For Speed XIX(19) – NFS: Most Wanted – Released – 2012
24. Need For Speed XX(20) – NFS: Rivals – Released – 2013
25. Need For Speed XXI(21) – NFS: 2015 – Released – 2015
26. Need For Speed XXII(22) – NFS: No Limits – Released – 2015
27. Need For Speed XXIII(23) – NFS: Payback – Released – 2017
28. Need For Speed XXIV(24) – NFS: Edge – Released – N/A

So, this list tell you how Need For Speed became enough big brand that its more than 140 million copies have been sold worldwide. Moreover, there was a Need For Speed Movie released by Hollywood with this game’s inspiration. Even though previously there is a company called “Hot-Wheels” came into being due to this game series inspiration.

This is the time for you guys to get to the details of the each version of the Need For Speed Game Series. Here you can also download games PC Versions as well as torrents.

What is the specialty of The Need For Speed(Pioneer)?

What is the specialty of The Need For Speed(Pioneer)

This was the first ever game released with some real life effects. As if we are racing on car on our city roads. Police will follow us. Likewise, Electronic Arts, the makers of the game put police traffic and racers cars in the game. Before this game release the things were not that much real. As traffic was not of proper cars models.

This game included BMW – 2 Series as traffic car and Chevrolet K-series, Ford models and Honda CSR. Apart of these cars there was a big collection of the cars for the player. Those cars were divided into to classes. For instance, A,B,C. There were only two cars Ferrari 512 GTR and Lamborghini Diablo VT.

This game was not with complications as other games have been developed since then. New player was able to understand things easily. Its setting portion had numerous options easily manageable by a Tyron player.

As Game Modes are concerned. It dealt with 4 basic game modes. Those modes had option in the game to enable or disable traffic and police at any time in any track.

Head to Head: It is a mode of racing in the cars where vehicles are set head to take start on countdown. In this game mode, traffic and police was automatically enabled by the developers to keep players distracted and let them improve their skills through continuous play of game.

Single Race: Here the player was given chance to play with bots. As it’s been already explained that this game was to easy enough to make players happy. So, it was easy for a consistent player to beat the automated competitors of his in the race.

They were able to make changes in the number of rival players. Seven was the maximum digit allowed for the player to add rivals in the race. Here player have to be first to win the race.

Time Trial Race: This was not a new kind of race because many of the games launched before NFS were doing this. Player have to beat the clock to the finish line. This game mode found to be most interesting as player has to be perfect to beat the time.

As automated drivers can do mistake but time cannot be forced to stop during race. One has to beat the clock to be winner.

Tournament Races: These are the kind of tournaments involved in any sports or games. Player have to face different other players and have to obtain highest marks or score to be the best of all who participated in the game. This can also be said as knockout race.

So, this is how Need For Speed series got its start with not a very good game but its features were amazing as compared to the other games of that time. Its versions for the different devices were launched on different times.

System Requirements to Downlaod Need For Speed 1 Pc Version

System Requirements to Downlaod Need For Speed 1 Pc Version
• OS: Windows 95/98/XP/2000
• CPU: Pentium
• Processor: 233MHz
• Memory: 16 MB
• Graphics Card: 8 MB
• Hard Drive Space: 50 MB
• Sound Card: Windows Direct X Compatible
• Mouse and Keyboard

What was different in Need For Speed Special Edition?

What was different in Need For Speed Special Edition

Need For Speed which was initially introduced for the world was not compatible with windows. In 1995 this version of the game was launched with little bit changes. Probably, change was not enough big but this time to make it precious and useful for the players they introduced “Multiplayer- Mode” Where developers allowed players to add up to eight multiplayers.

Moreover, it was having two extra features.

1): There were almost 8 tracks in its previous version (Need For Speed 1) but in this version two more tracks have been included. Named as Burnt Sienna and Transtropolis and this was the track due to which players attracted more to the Need For Speed Game Series.

2): Need For Speed 1 according to that time was enough good game to get oneself entertained but as for real world. Players were playing the game in the morning environment but player was playing Full Game in night. To make it more real, Need For Speed Special Edition had Day Time Settings option in it.

Need For Speed II Full Game Review and Download Link:

Need For Speed II Full Game Review and Download Link

Need For Speed has proved itself as a trend-setter of the Gaming Industry. Initially, it was only limited to Video Games but then the gaming consoles added likewise its version were introduced to market. Officially, this was the second version of the series.

Over Drivin’ II Is another name given to the game. Here the feature of reality was excluded to make players feel free to do whatever they want because police was not the part of any Race. Another feature was that the developers introduced FORD INDIGO the killing car of the game. This was the dream car for the players to unlock.

In addition to this, the tracks in the previous version were fiction based. This time the game was taken to the highest level of reality. Tracks were added from the inspiration of the road maps of North America, Asia and Australia.

Games Modes compulsory part of any video game. Therefore, its mandatory to be discussed here. This time EA added an extra mode.

Knockout: This was most favorite mode of mine to play in Need For Speed 2. This is most interesting because the player have to play with his best. As he will be last in any lap completion he will be knocked out.

Simply to make you people understand it can be said that it’s a last stand match. Whoever will be first in every lap and complete the all laps. Only one will left at the end of the lap

Single Race: This is where player have an option to add as much as rival he wants in a race. Even in this player is given option to increase or decrease the number of Laps to race on. To be winner, player has to beat the competitors in all laps and have to be first but this time with last position in any lap he will not knocked out.

Tournament Race: Most of the Need For Speed II players did not liked to play this mode. As it was the most lengthier one. Player was supposed to complete all the races in the series and he have to be first in every race to be the part of next race.

Apart of these things Need for Speed II have introduced many other new things like driving modes.

Arcade & Simulation:
These are two types of gaming modes which were used in fighting games. However, according to definition both are presenting different meaning. However, to make it more obvious for my readers.

Arcade is a mode where things cannot be compared to the real life if one will do so, then the comparison will be useless and nothing will be found like real.

Simulation is a kind of gameplay where things can be compared to the reality of life. As if the car is giving massive horn then the traffic should get away at once. Likewise, the case is with this mode of Need For Speed II.

System Requirements to Downlaod Need For Speed 1 Pc Version

System Requirements to Downlaod Need For Speed 1 Pc Version
• OS: Windows Vista/7/XP/8/8.1/10
• CPU: 1 Ghz or Latest
• Processor: 233MHz
• Memory: 128 MB
• Graphics Card: 8 MB
• Hard Drive Space: 100 MB
• Sound Card: Windows Direct X Compatible
• Mouse and Keyboard

Need For Speed II Cheat Codes for Game Lovers:

Need For Speed II Cheat Codes for Game Lovers
Type these cheats during gameplay:
Type – VIP – To get Limousine
Type – Schoolzone – To get Schoolbus
Type – maland – To get Wooden Stand
Type – rexhour – To get Tyrannosaurus Rex
Type – go18 – To get School Bus
Type – go19 – To get Commanche Pick-up Truck
Type – go20 – To get School Bus
Type – go21 – To get Tractor Trailer
Type – go22 – To get School Bus
Type – go23 – To get Audi Quattro
Type – go24 – To get School Bus
Type – go25 – To get School Bus
Type – go26 – To get Mercedes-Benz
Type – go27 – To get Volkswagen Fastback
Type – go28 – To get Mazda Miata
Type – go29 – To get School Bus
Type – go30 – To get School Bus
Type – go31 – To get Mercedes Unimog Army Truck
Type – go32 – To get School Bus
Type – go33 – To get Mercedes Unimog Snow Truck
Type – go34 – To get Monolithic Studios Tour Bus
Type – go35 – To get Limousine
Type – go36 – To get Mazda Miata
Type – go37 – To get School Bus
Type – go38 – To get School Bus
Type – go39 – To get School Bus
Type – go40 – To get Wooden Box
Type – go41 – To get Hand Cart
Type – go42 – To get Wooden Stand
Type – go43 – To get Tyrannosaurus Rex
Type – go44 – To get Wild West Style Wagon
Type – go45 – To get Souvenir Stand 1
Type – go46 – To get Souvenir Stand 2
Type – go47 – To get Souvenir Stand 3
Type – go48 – To get Log
Type – go49 – To get Crate 1
Type – go50 – To get Box of Beer
Type – go51 – To get Block of Rock

Type – roadrage with this cheat player enables the car to turn into trash in front of it. when ‘h’ (HORN) is pressed and when a opponent comes near it gets thrown away.

Main Menu Cheats for Need for Speed II & Need for Speed II SE.
Type – FZR2000 – gives Player a bonus car
Type – Bomberbfs – gives player a bonus School bus as a car
Type – vip – Change all vehicles (including traffic)
Type – limousines.
Type – tombstone – Bonus car
Type – bomber – Bonus car
Type – pioneer – Pioneer mode, very FAST Hollywood – Secret track

Why Need for Speed V-Rally did not become successful version of NFS?

Why Need for Speed V-Rally did not become successful version of NFS?

People know this game as the part of Need for speed series part but actually it was not. When it was released this game maintained the best-selling game title of that time. However, it has been released in different times in different electronic video games supporting devices.

V-rally was not under the banner of EA initially while it was developed by any other company. It was EA’s proposal to the developers to give them rights to launch PlayStation mode. However, since then this game has been considered as a version of NFS series.

This game has also been released in 3 different versions at different times. However, V-Rally Full Game belongs to another family of games. It was known as V-rally 97 Championship Edition. However, there are many other names/titles given to this game.

This game presents the actual racing tactics used in Rallying. Moreover, as it is a game so it is mandatory for the developer to put simulation and Arcade mode both at a time. As things were getting purified with the passage of time. Likewise, EA Games and Need For Speed worked and gave their best.

This game has not been found as interest taking from the audience point of view. Therefore, Crazygames has not given the download link. It can be furnished if required.

Need For Speed III(3) – NFS: Hot Pursuits Full Downloadable game review:

Need For Speed III(3) – NFS: Hot Pursuits Full Downloadable game review:

This is where the game got the turning point. Gamers have experienced something really near to the reality. It has been supposed that when two racers are racing then traffic police has its duty to not let them complete it.

With this scene of the movies, Hollywood has always inspired people and Need for Speed hot pursuits developers took this idea. They took the idea to the next level by giving the chance to the player to get arrested and arrest the racers by himself.

The game was renamed in France as Need for speed III: Pursuite Infernale. This game has been categorized into the top class games. Best part of this was the “Magazine Style ” display of the cars. The display was taken from the real Racing Cars existed in the market of cars at that time. Three are the main modes introduced by the developers of this version.

Knockout: As it has been already explained that what happens in this kind of race. There is nothing to be discussed except all of the information given above. Last will be out of the game and first one(If he will be) till the completion of race. He will be declared as the winner and tournament covers all of the given tracks in it.

Single Race/Multiplayer: This mode attracted the audience of the game most. In this mode, it was allowed to the players to join each other through console, network or screen splitting. However, it allowed player the key feature to download extra cars from the official web site of Need For Speed.

Tournament: Again this kind of race has been already explained in the above context. However, there can be still confusion between Tournament Races and Knockout races. To end the confusion, it will be good to differentiate the both race kinds. For instance, If you have been given a track and you have to take 5 rounds of it with 4 other rivals. If you will be last in the first round you will be knocked out of the Race.

As in tournament you are supposed to play maximum available tracks in the game mode. After finishing each game your score will be counted and at the end of the tournament if the player will be highest scorer of AI players then there is a chance to Win.

Games is not specified to the police and racers. There are chances to get busted by the police for the drivers and there are warnings generated after each time you have been charged fine against any act of yours.

Need For Speed V-Rally 2 Full Game PC Version Review:

Need For Speed V-Rally 2 Full Game PC Version Review:

Its name presenting that it is the next version of V-Rally racing game. Same was the case for its version with EA. This game has also been released under different titles for different states for different Games supporting devices.

This game was something way more advanced developed version of V-Rally. This was following 1999 World Championship of Rally Season. More than 70 racing tracks have been included in it. Rally is one of the Car Racing kinds in which Racers have to handle their high speed cars overt the high density mud roads.

This game includes different modes in it. This time developers have tried to copy the exact theme of the World Championship. Only thing they have excluded from the originality are just two tracks. Moreover, Race Modes are different from other versions of Need for Speed Full Game Series.

There is the option given to the players of the game to amend the weather and the day time according to the choice. Changing options have added snow, rain, sunset and night. In addition to this, it deals with the V-Rally trophy where player have to deal with the other drivers auto generated by the developers. In this race they have to beat the clock one by one to be the least time taker if one wants to be winner.

V-Rally have not got that much successful response from the gamers all over the globe as it was for its previous version. But its championship mode has done a great job. As there is the proper Rallying races in that mode and the Championship has different stages or the regions where the Race can take place.

All of those regions have different tracks, different racers and different difficulty levels. To sum up the substance, it won’t be wrong to say that Need for speed has owned this version of the game without development efforts but overall this version of the game at some time adds respect or sometimes make it proved as a poor decision.

Need For Speed IV – NFS: High Stakes/Road Challenge Uniqueness:

Need For Speed IV – NFS: High Stakes/Road Challenge Uniqueness:

This part of the game has bring something which we can call as a variation and new. This time EA had done great job with the fourth edition of Need For Speed Game Download.

To put the originality in the game Electronic Arts have inserted option of “Damage” which means that whenever players car will hit any object, wall, or any other vehicle then there will be a damage occur.

This game has been released in different states with different names. As it was named as Need For Speed: Road Challenge in Brazil. However, there are different names given to this edition of the game. In Japan, Over Drivin is the title of this game.

Damage which has been discussed in the above paragraph, it means that the damage will affect the performance of the Car during race. Therefore, it is important for driver to be careful while driving and to keep safe his ride. As Damage will effect on both performance and appearance.

There are many game/race modes have been introduced. Lets start discussing about the main mode of the game. Career this is about which human beings are most concerned in their lives and they have set many targets relevant to their career. Likewise, the developers of the game have settled many tasks for the player to achieve to get best of the game.

This mode of game for the first time introduced the utilization of money in the form of purchasing, upgrading and repairing cars. Money can be collected through racing only. This career mode has been divided into many types of races in different regions of the world. Player has to start the career and go through the process and his improvement will be notified through percentage.

In addition to this, player has to do Knockout Races and Tournaments to reach up to the maximum level of any stage. High Stakes is the latest mode of racing introduced. It has been later replaced with the name of “Pink Slip”. Where Players have to put their owned cars on the stake. If they will lost the race their car will be given to the winner.

In this game another thing which has been added is Cops Helicopter which is not supported in the PlayStation version of this edition but for the PC Games players will be followed by a helicopter of the cops and the only way to get away from it is to hide under bridges and buildings. This time business has got serious. Player have to be attentive while playing the game.

System Requirements to Downlaod NFS: High Stakes/Road Challenge Pc Version

 System Requirements to Downlaod NFS: High Stakes/Road Challenge Pc Version
• OS: Windows Vista/7/XP/8/8.1/10
• CPU: Pentium 4
• Processor: 1.8 Ghz
• Memory: 512 MB
• Graphics Card: 64 MB
• Hard Drive Space: 700 MB

Need For Speed V – NFS: Porsche Unleased/ Porsche 2000 Added Grace to the NFS Series:

Need For Speed V – NFS: Porsche Unleased/ Porsche 2000 Added Grace to the NFS Series:

Need For Speed Porsche is the version of the series where player will experience the best quality of the Electronic Arts presented. There were two features which were together given in this game. Cockpit and damage affects. While these two affects were split and were introduced again in the different versions of the game.

This game was entirely different was considered as difficult to be played by the gamers. The people who were fans of Need for speed Series did not enjoyed this version much. However, this version only looks after Porsche Cars.

Game modes have been entirely changed in this edition of Need For Speed.

Evolution: This is a game mode where the player have to take start with the given model of Porsche. As Porsche itself has divided its cars into different classes. Following this strategy developers of the game Need For Speed distinguished driving levels by Classes/Eras.

Classic Era which presents the classical cars collection of Porsche launched within 1990s. Those cars were fast but enough heavy not to beat the other rival cars which were modified.

Golden Era is where the cars are entirely different from Classical and Modern Era but the collection was incomparable. As all models belongs to a class of Porsche Cars.

Modern Era in which latest models of the Porsche car are introduced and those models have capacity to get modified.

This type of racing game involved tournaments in it. But money was considered as giant need to be a real racer. Many of the players quit the game and waited for next version to get launched because there was nothing left for the player when he was out of money.

Factory Driver: This mode was the most interesting update of Need For Speed Full Game Series that a player can consider himself working for Porsche brand. What he needs to do is to pass the initial test of the company as a driver.

After passing that test he was assigned with different jobs to do. As I was too young at that time I was not able to understand how to fulfill the requirements of the company. Jobs assigned to the drivers were very different than racing.

They were asked to test the new vehicles designed by the company(Porsche). For instance, to test the wheels by rotating the car at 360’s angle for few minutes.

There is another mode of single player and double and within those modes there are many other things like Quick Race, Quick Knockout and many other.

System Requirements For Need For Speed V – NFS: Porsche Unleased(CrazyGame):

System Requirements For Need For Speed V – NFS: Porsche Unleased(CrazyGame):
• OS: Windows 95/98
• Processor: Pentium @ 200 MHz
• Memory: 32 MB
• Hard Drive: 150 MB Free
• Video Memory: 4 MB
• Sound Card: DirectX Compatible
• CD/DVD Rom Drive
• Keyboard and Mouse

Need For Speed VI: Hot Pursuit 2 Full Game Review and Download:

Need For Speed V – NFS: Porsche Unleased/ Porsche 2000 Added Grace to the NFS Series:

Games have inspired the young generations. There are people who have played the games to get themselves entertained. But few are there whose passion is to be in the games all the time. I was one of them at that time when Need For Speed Hoot Pursuit 2 Full Game Pc Version was launched.

This game is nothing more than an updated version of Need For Speed Hot Pursuit which is commonly known as NFS 3. This was the first title of the series in which the cockpit was excluded of the game. Cockpit is the view of the camera, interior view.

Special weather effects and upgrading repairing things were added 3 versions before of this installment. This time Game Modes were changed. To be a cop means you have to capture the high speeders on the road. Which was considered as fantasy and its results/output as compared to real racing was not satisfactory.

Challenge Game was another option of game modes given to the player to amend the racing conditions and difficulty level according to his choice.

In Hot Pursuits, player was supposed to compete with many players and during competition he have to face the police and police will try to bust him. He have to complete the Race by evading police and if he wants to be a winner he have to be on the first position.

circuit Race was something new which was going to capture the interest of the players. In this type of racing a player has to complete the already set few rounds of a lap. Time Trial, Tournaments and Knockout was also there.

System Requirements For Need For Speed VI: Hot Pursuit 2(Rgmechanics Game):

System Requirements For Need For Speed VI: Hot Pursuit 2(Rgmechanics Game):
• OS:Windows Xp,7,Vista,8,10
• Ram:256 MB
• Video Memory: 16 MB
• CPU:Intel Pentium III @ 1.0 GHz
• Hard Space: 1 GB
• Direct X:9.0
• Sound Card:Yes

Need For Speed 7: Underground Full Pc Game Review and Download:

Need For Speed 7: Underground Full Pc Game Review and Download:

This time the business has become serious. Game has been taken to the entirely new level. Where almost all players felt them as a racer. This version of Need for Speed Series found as a combination of Street Racing and Story telling movie.

The game will start with the pre-rendered video. Where the players face will not be shown but when he will click on Career he will meet people around the city. In the whole career, driver, player means you will find two friends along with you Samantha and TJ. Both of them will be facilitating player throughout his game career.

At a point there will be a divide and rule strategy of Eastsiders will work and Smantha will create wrong perception about player. But ultimately player has to be the best at the end of his career so he will manage to impress her again by winning a car in pink slip for her.

Need For Speed Underground has given new reality to the gaming world that story based games can be a huge success. From this version the next versions were designed and this edition gave idea to the players that how the next editions will be different from the previous. This time again cockpit was not added as the camera view.

Melissa and Eddie are girlfriend boyfriend in the game and they are playing villain or antagonistic role for player. They belongs to eastside. They are making trouble for Player and that’s why player is gaining more and more attention all around the city.

Apart of this there are many gaming modes are introduced. For instance, Drag Race and Drift Race.

Drag Race is in which two or maximum 4 players compete to beat each other within two points. In this kind of race they are not allowed to take near miss or change the road lane again and again. There is a lot of traffic they have to face many times. They have to manage the manual shifting of the gears to get the good results. This game only depends on the performance of the car and how player response to the gear shifting.

Drift Race as all of us are fans of Tokyo Drift Movie whether it was released much later than Need For Speed Underground Pc Version. But the drift racing was of that kind involved in the game.

Sprint racing was also introduced where the player have to beat the time reaching checkpoints and checkpoints job was to add the specific amount of time in the total time. These races have been found as shorter than other races.

Apart of these changings Electronic Arts put many tuning options, upgradable engines and car’s body part changing.

System Requirements For Need For Speed 7: Underground(CrazyGameOcean):

System Requirements For Need For Speed 7: Underground(CrazyGameOcean):
• OS:Windows 98,ME,2000,XP
• Ram:256 MB
• Video Memory: 16 MB
• CPU:Intel Core 2 Duo @ 2.0 GHz
• Hard Space: 2 GB
• Direct 3D Video Card: 32 MB
• Sound Card:Yes

Need For Speed VIII– NFS: Underground 2 Full Pc Version Game to Download Review:

Need For Speed VIII– NFS: Underground 2 Full Pc Version Game to Download Review:

Need for speed is the best Game Series of the world because this series is the only where everything has put up to the mark. Need For Speed Underground 2 Full Pc Version Game is the sequel of the Need for speed underground.

This game has captured the interest of the gamers throughout the world because many things added into it which were never expected by anyone.

Free Roaming has been introduced which was not in any previous version of NFS Series. This mode allows player to access the world freely and ride the car wherever he wants into the unlocked areas.

After few races the tracks or routes were unlocked. Moreover, there were racers all over the roads. Where the player was given option to challenge them and if he will outrun them he will get some cash.

As far as the career plot is concerned. The storyline continued from the previous version. There are some new players entered into the game. Who has made much trouble for the key player? But as for the last version there were friends of the player in the career. There are still two friends found for him.

Both of them are supporting him in his bad time. Another brilliant change was made to insert SUVs in the game. Where SUVs will race other SUVs, tuning and upgrading options are also upgraded. Many things like Nitrous have given with little access but can be refueled within the designed time.

Alongwith Drag Races, Circuit Races, Drift Races and SUV Races, Special Event Races and Street X races also have been introduced.

System Requirements For Need For Speed VIII– NFS: Underground 2:
• OS:Windows 98,ME,2000,XP
• Ram:256 MB
• Video Memory: 32 MB
• CPU:Intel Core 2 Duo @ 2.0 GHz
• Hard Space: 2 GB
• Direct 3D Video Card: 32 MB
• Sound Card:Yes

Need For Speed 9 – NFS: Most Wanted Download Full PC Version and Review:

Need For Speed 9 – NFS: Most Wanted Download Full PC Version and Review:

This edition of the game was the most successive release of the series. In this game, things got changed with in no time. This installment also supported the storyline but with extra features. ”Blacklists” is something new which has been added to the career plot of the Full Game Pc Version.

NFS Most Wanted is the game which starts with an innovative video and characters physical appearance. BMW M3 GTR was the initial vehicle owned by the player. However, he was got arrested initially when the game was started and when he got released on the base of no evidence he was not having his car.

Mia came to pick him up out of the central jail and he was told that Razor the Villain or the most known competitor who took player’s car reached to the top of Blacklists or Rockport.

Mia helped player to get a vehicle initially and in his career a path was set to beat the 15 blacklists one by one to reach razor.

With which he can lead the whole city of Rockport. To beat each racer/blacklist he is given different tasks to collect specific amount of bounty,milestone and win specific number of races to get to the level of Blacklist.

Concept of Rap sheet was also introduced by the developers in this game. Rap sheet was presenting the details of criminal records of player.

Tollbooth is a kind of checkpoint racing in which the player has to cross the tollbooth on the highway within specific time. If he will do so he can reach to the last tollbooth within given time. Otherwise, player will lost the chance to win the Race.

Game has shown a different visual effects of getting busted by the police. There are spikes and road blocks tactic used by police department to stop the racer. If the car will collide with spikes or blocks. Damage will occur and chances of getting busted will be increased. However, if the player will do so his milestone and bounty score will be increased.

When the police stopped the driver he was busted by a lady police handcuffing the driver and the visual effects are so impressive.

Download button Link:

Need For Speed 10 – NFS: Carbon Full Pc Version Game Download Review Free:

Need For Speed 10 – NFS: Carbon Full Pc Version Game Download Review Free:

This is commonly known as the next part of Need For Speed: Most Wanted Full Game. Its fiction based movie will start from where the Most Wanted movie was ended. This game is reviving the concept of night time racing. There are many other new things are introduced.

In most wanted there was Rockport was the city where player was supposed to become number one blacklist. While in this Palmont City he has to beat different crews. Most fascinating update is that when player is given option to setup their own crew. Formed crew can help player to beat the other crew.

Game Modes

There are many game modes which are different from the previous parts of the Need For Speed Game Series.

Speed Trap: It is the most interesting change of the game modes. As the player has to show up his driving skills as well as his car’s performance. If he can beat the other auto generated bot drivers,then he can beat the camera capturing the speed. In this race, there are cameras over the road at different points capturing the speed of player’s car.

If he will speed highest among all of other players then he can beat the camera. Otherwise, there are enhanced chances of his lost.

Sprint: The Race between point A to B. Some players have claimed it as the weird type of racing as there is no idea of paths.From somewhere cut appears and suddenly pushing breaks lead them to collide with traffic, road walls and other racing vehicles. Most of the players have found it amazing as it puts charm in to the race.

Pursuit: Yes, it includes the pursuit chases of police. As in races there is less involvement of police. As it has shown that the City’s Racing Mafia is enough strong to stop police of interfering arranged Racing Evetns. But in the Free Roam World, Police can chase and bust the un-ethical drivers.

Free Roam Challenge, Drift and Checkpoint Race are also part of career Races. Drifting was taken to the highest level. As the worlds best cars Action Movie Series Fast & Furious gave its third edition of the film named by Tokyo Drift.

The drift racing took place when the player was doing race in night and the points were more and more when the player was point to point drifting on the other bot drivers. This game was entirely fascinating to the generation. PlayStation edition of Need For Speed: Carbon was more enchanting rather than its PC Version.

System Requirements For Need For Speed 10 – NFS: Carbon:

System Requirements For Need For Speed 10 – NFS: Carbon:
OS: Windows
• Ram: 1 GB
• Video Memory: 32 MB
• CPU: 2.0 GHz or improved one
• Hard Space: 5.3 GB
• Direct 3D Video Card: 32 MB
• Sound Card: Windows Compatible Sound

Need For Speed XI – NFS: Pro-Street Download Full Pc Version and Game Review:

Need For Speed XI – NFS: Pro-Street Download Full Pc Version and Game Review:

Need For Speed is the best game series all around the world. It has continuously gave updated to its users. It can be clearly seen that EA has given back to back latest gaming versions with extra updates. The things which were not bearable for the world as the gamers, they have excluded.

This time “Damage Ratio” has been seen as most effective. They have revived the concept of Real Racing in the game. If a person do not care about his driving and vehicle then he have to face losses. Likewise, the game has given the real effects of damage.

In this game they have given the concept of “Totalled” which means the car has been totally damaged with driver. Car is immovable and there the races is end for the player.

Game modes have got changed but this game as a series of NFS have not got that much response from the NFS Fans. This game was became limited due to putting Races organization process in to the hands of Organizing bodies.

They have managed the events on specific day. Player have to play from the organization’s side and need to beat the kings of every Race Type.

There are 5 Kings of every Race. To reach there player have to complete many races. This completion of the Race can lead him to the King and beating king can enhance his points and can lead him to be the best king of all.

System Requirements for Need For Speed XI – NFS: Pro-Street:

System Requirements for Need For Speed XI – NFS: Pro-Street:
OS: Windows 7 and higher
• Ram: 8 GB
• Video Memory: 32 MB
• CPU: 2.8 GHz (3.0 GHz or higher for Vista)
• Hard Space: 5.3 GB
• Video Card: 128 MB with Pixel Shader 2.0 (AGP and PCIe only)
• Sound Card: Windows Compatible Sound

Need For Speed 12 – NFS: Undercover Full Game Review and Download:

Need For Speed 12 – NFS: Undercover Full Game Review and Download:

Need For speed Game series does not generated revenue from the last version. Therefore, the team of EA dedicated their more time and developed this game in more than 14 months.This game gave new heights to the game development and Need For Speed Game Series. Maggie Q is the actress who has been taken into the scenes of the game.

Videos in which Maggie has played role was plausible. She has been considered as the key of the game as she will be playing the undercover cop’s role in the Full Pc Version Game.

Career Path designed in this game is something like happens in the movies. Player have to meet the different bosses and have to do those jobs whatever assigned to him by them. There are many things which will not be achievable for the player being a police officer but he have to do so. If he really wants to dig in to the street racing.

He was supposed to specific races.

Cop Takeout is something which was new in this game because the player was given task in this type of game mode to make cops car totally lost. If he will not be successful in doing so, he will not be given chance to participate in further races.

Cost To State is also a type of Racing in which cops are already chasing player and he have to create mess all over the city to reach specific amount of cost to state(Government Lost). When he has achieved the task he have to escape from the police otherwise being busted wont result in the completion of task.

Escape is where a person have to play with cops again and he have to escape from the cops cars within a given time. If he will not do so he will get busted or care of time is also an important part of this race.
In Career he has been given different tasks, as he is working for cops and he have to do undercover job and reveal all of the negative activities.

There are more than 7 bosses in the city. Player has to reveal all of them and being job of his career he have to do all the things which are asked by different bosses.

Need for Speed: Undercover Minimum System Requirements:

Need for Speed: Undercover Minimum System Requirements:

    • OS: Windows Xp / Win 7 / 8 / Vista 32 bit
    • CPU: AMD Athlon XP 3000+ / Intel Pentium 4 3.0GHz
    • Video Card: NVIDIA GeForce 6600 GT / AMD Radeon 9550
    • Direct X: Dx 9
    • RAM: 512 MB
    • Free Disk Space: 6 GB

Need For Speed 13 – NFS: Shift Pc Game Full Download Free CrazyGamesOcean:

Need For Speed 13 – NFS: Shift Pc Game Full Download Free CrazyGamesOcean:

This version of the game in the NFS series was introduced to the gamers in 2009.This time Cockpit view was recalled by the developers of the game. Even this time development job of the game was done by MAD “Studios”. They have put cockpit view to revive the tradition of Need For Speed Full Game Series.

Need For Speed Shift is one of the good seller versions of the series. In its career the main task given to the Player is to unlock the world Tour, which is the final event of the game. In the meanwhile, player have to gather specific amount of given tasks to reach to the world tour event level.

There are many things which can be understood by the start of the game. As there are two races initially with the auto selected car. If the player performs well during this race. His difficulty level will be set accordingly. If he will not be performing well after the first two races he has been given chance to make amendments in difficulty level.

When player is gathering stars he has to improve his driving skills and styles. Cars and Customization is up to the highest level in the game of this series. Here the cars have been divided into 4 different categories. Those categories are known as Tiers, divided into 4 tiers.

Whereas in first Tier there are our daily use cars. In 2nd tier there are sports cars.Moreover, if tier 3 and 4 are concerned there are high performance already upgraded cars. In 4th level there are many Super cars.

There are more than 9 categories of Races. In Game modes there is introduction of an Enduracne Race where number of racers have to compete each other. This is a kind of circuit race but there are more than average laps included in this race.

Series Competition is the name given to the Tournament Races in Need For Speed: Shift Full PC Game. There are multiple races included in a single tournament.

This version of the game does not support career plot anymore but there exists a storyline through which the player can reach to highest level of driving.

Car Battle takes place within 3 different already decided laps. Player have to beat the other Racer and in all these 3 different laps he have to be winner if he wants to be winner of this Car Race Series.

Manufacture Race: This is also known as competition. In this type of race player needs to decide a brand of cars, a model of that specific brand. Then, he will be given a chance to compete with a racer who will be having same car model of the same brand. This time the driving style and skills will make a player winner.

System Requirements of Need For Speed 13 – NFS: Shift PC Game CrazyOceanofGames:

System Requirements of Need For Speed 13 – NFS: Shift PC Game CrazyOceanofGames:

    • O.S: Windows XP ( 32 Bit )/ Windows Vista/ Windows 7/ Windows 8 and 8.1
    • CPU: Core 2 Duo E4300 1.8GHz
    • RAM: 1 GB
    • Hard disk Space: 6 GB
    • Direct X: Dx 9

CrazyOceanofgames Need For Speed XIV(14) – NFS: Nitro Full Pc Version Download Review:

CrazyOceanofgames Need For Speed XIV(14) – NFS: Nitro Full Pc Version Download Review:

This time game is not up with anything special or new. Even few people called this edition of the game as a complete failure. Whether it was already not for all the video games devices. But it was not a complete Need For Speed Full Game Series package.

It was only known by the name and the fame of the brand of NFS. Here things were so simple as for our life. They have categorized Racers or the player in to three classes.

Gold,Silver and Bronze this is due to which the player has to get the gold level in every race. Still it depends on the player how much efficiently he gathers stars from all of the given. There are already existing top racers in the city named as Thiago Omar and many more are there.

Pursuit in the game has been taken in to the different level. Police heat level has been added in to the game. For instance, the player whose having more and more heat can be the best racer of the city. It takes much time to reach at a specific level of heat.

Police Badge is something new which has been inserted in this version of the game. Where the player has been given an option to dodge the police and convert his heat level to one of his opponents. In this way, he can bring his heat level to zero. As far as police vehicles are concerned those are also divided in to three different classes.

SUVs like Hummer belongs to Class C of the police cars categorization. As for class A there exists super cars. For Class B there are sports cars like Mitsubhi Lancer Evolution. This game was also released in by the name of Need For Speed: Nitro X. This is the version which allowed player to get himself disguised as a policeman in the game.

System Requirements of Need For Speed 14 – NFS: Nitro PC Game CrazyOceanofGames:

System Requirements of Need For Speed 14 – NFS: Nitro PC Game CrazyOceanofGames:

    • O.S: Windows XP ( 32 Bit )/ Windows Vista/ Windows 7/ Windows 8 and 8.1
    • CPU: Intel Pentium III @ 1.0 Ghz
    • RAM: 512 MB
    • Hard disk Space: 6 GB
    • Direct X: Dx 9
    • Video Memory: 64 MB

need for speed (15) NFS world crazygamesocean full pc version download

Need for speed world was free to play a multiplayer online racing game. Which has changed the entire gaming experience for users around the globe? and was officially launched on July 27, 2010.


The player who is up on the gaming environment gain achievements by participating in racing events or police pursuits. The driver’s progress show with the gaming level they passes-by and the reaching level is 60.  Players are allowed to travel in free roam and we can see them dragging but we cannot strike them in any manner.


Need for speed provide such events like circuit, drag racing, meeting place, sprint, team escape, Players can find brief details about their driver in safe house section. The concept of this gaming creates a huge remark


People can raise their reputation by joining different game events like circuit, Drag-racing, and if you touch the highest point and finishes the race in the limited time you will reward with extra points and power-ups. Need for speed rewarded their online player for achieving the milestone on given track there are most probably 70 achievements which a player can earn. And the player ranks in the top five positions each rank has several perks more milestone which a player can collect.


The achievement is a varied type to type as if you collect more cars in your garage than you have collection achievement. And if you participate in events like circuit, drag-racing, sprint, team escape, and treasure hunt you have competition achievement. And customization achievement is on if you customize your cars with body parts and performance.



System requirement of need for speed (15): NFS world crazy games ocean


  • O.S: windows XP service pack 3 (32 Bit)/ windows 7 or 8
  • CPU:  Intel Pentium 4(HT) 2.4 GHZ
  • RAM:  1GB
  • GRAPHICS CARD:  Intel GMA 950


Need for speed 16: NFS hot pursuit crazy games ocean

Need for speed hot pursuit is one of the leading version’s ever because NFS adds more addition in this new version. In this game, the user can drive over two separate entity one is to be a rebel street racer. Other one is to be a cop and snooping around the city. And if found any suspicious activity so your responsibility is to grab them.


A player can earn bounty points over both entities whither as a street racer or a cop. The points depend on your finishing time and throughout driver’s ability. A player’s ability can be increase both ways either the player is up on single-player or experiencing online multiplayer.


There are almost seventy cars over them a player can choose and modify cars body part according to their will. Both entities whither it is a cop or a street racer you can modify car equipment. And cars started getting unlocked as you reached the highest level.


The racing experience is way more entertaining like “most wanted” in this event the street racer has to protect themselves from SCPD. Then “Time trail” in this racer has to beat the limited time frame as soon as possible.


System requirement of need for speed (16): NFS Hot pursuit crazy games ocean

  • O.S: Windows XP windows vista
  • CPU:  Intel Core to duo 1.8 GHz
  • RAM:  1.5 GB Windows XP
  • SOUND: Directx 9.0 compliant sound card


Shift 2 unleashed: Need for speed crazygameocean:

Shift 2 developed by the slightly mad studio, and released in 2011. This time their producer decided to remove the NFS name behind its back. The producer himself provide a reason that in this game player feel the real-life driving experience, not just a gaming environment. Besides all this Shift unleashed is still a part of the need for speed family. Shift 2 unleashed is a sequence of need for speed shift.


All the racing event which took place in this game based on real-life experience. There are a variety of racing tracks which a player can go with. “Circuit races”  Then “Retro races” Where all the permissible limits set and the driver has to follow the leads like the driver must drive the car in 80s to 90s.


Players can change their vehicle and also customize their cars like upgrade the performance change the body part into a new shape and as well as the rim tiers. Player’s in this game experience a whole new and real-life based customization. and are user-friendly for people to understand and unlock the equipment because in this given task are easy for pro players. And they found this game very interesting because they experience real-life gaming for the very first time. And that that is the reason shift 2 unleashed gain a huge success.


Throughout shift 2 unleashed grab positive review from around the globe. Metacritic released the pc version and pay a positive remark for shift 2 unleashed this game achieve massive profit and appreciation and listed in number 3 in the UK sales. If we say it is a complete package for their customers yes’ it is and this is the reason behind the success of shift 2 unleashed.



 System requirement for Shift 2 unleashed crazygamesocean.

  • O.S: Windows XP (32Bit)
  • CPU:  Intel Pentium dual-core E2160 1.80GHz
  • RAM:  2 GB Windows XP
  • SOUND: Directx 9.0 Compatible


Need for speed 16 NFS the run 2011 crazygamesocean.

Need for Speed The Run is more specifically relates to racing games and the 18th edition of the need for speed family. Which was released on November 15, 2011, it has multiple version. NFS has multiple racing version it was divided into ten specific stages. Each stage contains the different region of America as it involves north America. San Francisco includes within the west side of the region. On the other way, the east side was covered with new-York.


Some people indicate that this game is related to the previous version and it is a starter pack for a beginner. And last but not least it is also a suitable platform for pro-payers. Unlike any other version, these racing events were located in real-life locations. Like new-York, San Francisco, most people enjoy having a real gaming experience it feels like they were enjoying north America to east America. And that is the only reason for the success behind this game.

In this competitive match up-to, more than 5 players can join and select an event of their choice and roaming the entire north to west America’s region. Players can join any of the event of their choice and earn the bonus. Players can earn more point as it is their own choice to rather consider an event or let it go.


Players join events like “checkpoint” “rival racing” in this a player must overtake the opponent player in order to complete the task. And in checkpoint player must cross the checkpoint to add up some extra amount of number to their time. A player must finish the line before the times end for the sake of reward.


When it comes to customization in need for speed run player can modify their car’s body part. Improve the performance of the engine and enhance the alignment of the car can be settled. As it provides all the real-life experience in reassembling your car into a totally new revolutionary car.


System requirement for Need for speed the run crazygamesocean.


  • O.S: Windows Vista (32Bit)
  • CPU: 3.0 GHz Intel core to Duo
  • RAM:  4 GB
  • SOUND: Direct x Compatible
  • HARD DRIVE:  18 GB
  • Graphics: AMD Radeon 4870 512 VRam

Need for speed most wanted (2012) crazygamesocean

Need for Speed Most Wanted (2012) was a new addition in need for speed family and was published by Electronics Art. Need for speed most wanted this time received even more respect because it allows you multiplayer gaming experience. And even bigger cities full of traffic and adventure. With this new strategy and a bit more changes NFS most wanted (2012) received throughout excellence. And awards including Spike video game award in 2012 and many other.


When it comes to the racing experience players can enjoy the same tracks with bigger maps. Race events include “sprint race” In which players has to finish the race from one side of the city to another one by competing all your competitor. “Ambush race” In which all you have to do is to escape without getting caught. Because cops snooping around the city and throughout the race, you will see them in search of racers.


In this game, players can earn speed point and milestone by various type. That if you are performing an activity in any sort of gaming environment you earn speed points. And when it comes to milestone through various types of player can have while just having car collection and modifying the car. By following this a player can earn speed point basically it relates to when a player set himself free from cops and defeat any competitor.


When it comes to choosing the best car throughout there are a lot of sports car to avail but the most exotic car is HUAYRA and AGERA R. These are the most exotic car’s in the entire NFS most wanted series and to enjoy the ride a player has to win almost every event and need a lot of speed point and the amount is huge for these car’s.


System requirement for NFS most wanted (2012) crazygamesocean.

  • O.S:   Windows 7 (64Bit)
  • CPU:  Quad-core
  • RAM:  4 GB
  • SOUND: Direct x Compatible
  • Graphics Card:  DirectX 11 with 1024 MB RAM

NFS rival: Need for Speed series crazyoceangames:

Need for speed rival is the 20th edition in the NFS family. On October 21, 2014, complete edition was released for users. This game almost provides every entertainment for a user we call this game a complete package. Like NFS most wanted and hot pursuit. In this game, players can choose between both alternative a racer or else become a cop. In both situations, players were sanctioned target and their position is ranked step by step as they complete the given task.


In NFS Rival player has to build up ranking whither as a cop or a racer their achievements as player adding up extra speed points. Their huge remark is they figure out the line between multiplayer and single-player you can join any of your friends during the game. And can play and do mission against each other as well this experience enables the player to the advance level of gamming.


Users can play along with each other or do any mission in which you have to do your task as a cop and the other one is a racer so you have to grab them for the sake of speed points and ranks. This game enables the user to even enjoy the free roam and racing experience and it seems more efficient. Because it has unique whether control in-game which gives the user a real-life based atmosphere while racing or even enjoying the free roam.


For gaming with real based adventure where user can unlock the next pattern by defeat all the competitors completing dangerous racing events. Need for speed Rival is the right choice for gamers as it is one of the refine gaming platform in Need for Speed family.


System requirement for NFS Rival: (2012) Need for Speed series crazygamesocean.

  • O.S:   Windows 7 (64Bit)
  • CPU:   Intel Core 2 Quad
  • VRAM:  3 GB
  • RAM: 8 GB
  • HARD DRIVE:  30 GB
  • Graphics Card:  DirectX 11 with compatible

Need for Speed no limits: NFS download crazygamesocean:

Need for Speed No limits more focused game as above all the sequence of NFS family. Which was released on September 30, 2015. The prime objective of this game is to enhance the racing experience of users. NFS No limits introduce special events which took attention of users. Players were more specifically attracted to the game and it is a must task to finish than you can have access to the next level. But it is upon the player whether they choose to go with a simple event or with tough gaming experience.


In rival races, the players have a chance to be a part of a special event. Where a new car was sanctioned to a player and if the user finish the race before the given time the player can have the car as a reward.

As like the previous version you can customize the car according to your need.  You can change the wheels and improve the performance of the car upgrade the engine.  As a special event the players get a chance to win an exotic car. The player task is to finish the snowy track series and as a reward, the player can have the car.


This game is put up with a whole new experience for users where the player can have the extreme racing challenge. Just to improve the racing skills because in this event a player has to follow up a team with professional car racers. This game is full of events and adventures the name of the series is soo accurate because it is a complete package to entertain the user.


System requirement for NFS No limits: Need for Speed series crazygamesocean.

  • O.S:   Windows 7 (64Bit)
  • CPU:   Intel Core i3
  • RAM: 8 GB
  • HARD DRIVE:  30 GB
  • Graphics Card:  DirectX 11 with compatible

Need for speed (2015): NFS series crazygamesocean:

Need for speed is a standard edition and an online gaming platform for the player whole over the world. This version was redesigned and build more and better features as per the previous variant. This version includes the better wrap edition in cars which helps to put stylish moto and design your car.


This game takes modification of cars to the next level. And last but not least NFS introduces a camera angle with five different sides means a player can enjoy the gameplay according to their satisfaction whether it is speed, style, crew, etc.


In this version, players can entertain themselves with multiplayer. They can play offline with friends or else they can enjoy while connecting with the internet and play online. The plot twist in this game is the content of this game is revolves around five best racers. Who wants to be noticed by all the gamer they defeat their competitor and earn perks and reputation.


The game is available in two different variants in the market with a “standard edition” and “deluxe edition” as compared to the standard edition the other edition has more features in the game and different content. As it comes for PC, as well as Xbox and Ps4, but throughout the PC users consider this version the most and as per their consideration the download link for PC is available in the link below

System requirement for NFS : (2015) Need for Speed series crazygamesocean.

  • O.S:   Windows 7 (64Bit)
  • CPU:   Intel Core i3-4130
  • RAM: 6 GB
  • HARD DRIVE:  30 GB
  • Graphics Card: AMD Radeon HD 7850 2GB

Need for speed payback: NFS series crazygamesocean:

Need for speed payback is one of the most entertaining games ever as its more concerned with action racing and adventure. And it was released for the general public on November,10,2017. This variant has a different character of racer and each player has a different skillset of driving the car.


This version of NFS also includes an offline mode where the player can roam around the city according to their will. It also has the weather and day n night feature like clockwise. In-game users experience a real-life based adventure and gaming environment at the same time.


The need for speed payback outcomes for the month of November was remarkable. It was the eighth best-selling variant in the NFS family which received that much appreciation in the entire USA for the rest of the month. As it has the best story were you and your crew were in huge trouble and all of them were separated.


And after a few decades, they were reunited in order to gain respect which somehow taken from them. And this is the high time for the racer to compete all of their components and to take down the house.


But as compare to any other game need for speed payback has limited car collection and you have to choose among these cars. NFS payback includes most exotic cars in their collection where a player can enjoy the ride.


System requirement for NFS payback: (2017) Need for Speed payback crazygamesocean.

  • O.S:   Windows 10 (64Bit)
  • CPU:   Intel i5 4690K
  • RAM: 8 GB
  • HARD DRIVE:  30 GB
  • Graphics Card: AMD Radeon RX 480 4GB


Need for speed Heat (2019) upcoming series of NFS family crazygamesocean:

Need for speed Heat is an upcoming version of the NFS family. This time gaming experience will be changed entirely players enjoy in Miami city and Florida. Unlike the previous version, it does not include the day and night time horizon clockwise.  Instead of that, the player can choose whether to race in day-light or in night.


The players go with the day-light racing experience to earn cash and unleashed the performance of their car and modify it. Players can also take part in illegal-racing which arranged in the night so the players can earn a reputation by defeating the other component racer. And each time you defeat the component the competition will get tough as the police start snooping around the city to grab you.


NFS series has the best package which took attention of all the rumors and critic this is going to be the revolutionary game in the history of the need for speed. It also includes more than 130 cars this is the first time need for speed include such amount of cars in the game keep watching for further more updates and if you want to make pre-order you can go the official site of NFS the link is given below


System requirement for NFS Heat: (2019) upcoming series of Need for Speed family crazygamesocean.

  • O.S:   Windows 10 (64Bit)
  • CPU:   Intel i5 4690K
  • RAM: 8 GB
  • HARD DRIVE:  30 GB
  • Graphics Card: AMD Radeon RX 580 4GB



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